5-0 = The trash talk of saying you will beat another player in spleef and that the opponent will not be able to get a point.

SWC = Short saying for Spleef World Cup

Bud = Synonym for the word 'Bad'

ez' = Short term for the word 'easy'. Usually is used against another player saying that they are easy to beat in Spleef or Super Jump

Attacking = Playing offense during a game of spleef. Lunging at the opponent risking yourself to lose a point.

Defense = Not attempting to lunge at a player during a game of spleef. More likely on the safe side. This can lead to camping and islanding.

Islanding = The act of making oneself unable to reach the opponent. Blocking all the blocks around you making it unaccessible for the opponent to spleef you.

Camping = The act of running away from your opponent during a game of spleef. Not attacking or defending but rather not attempting to strike a hit on the opponent.

4-4 = Last round; Make sure to say Good Luck

GL = Short for Good Luck

GG = Short for Good Game (Also: Gee Gee, Well played, etc.)

/s = Quick game of Spleef

/sj = Quick game of Super Jump

Lag = The excuse players use when they lose a spleef match or they are currently losing. Can be used if they are not in game.

Block Glitching = The act of using a Minecraft Block to access areas that are not allowed or that gives you access to ends of parkour

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