Cruiseship (Spleef) is a SpleefLeague arena in the theme of a cruiseship boat. It is used a decent amount and is considered one of the most interesting themes in SpleefLeague.

History & Appearance Edit

Cruiseship was released during Beta SpleefLeague 2.0. Not much has been mentioned of Cruiseship due to being very new. Cruiseship includes hotel rooms as well as basketball and dance rooms. If you need to relax, Cruiseship is where it's at.

Directions Edit

2016-02-13 22.24.47

Full view of Cruiseship

Starting from Spawn (looking at Arena) you are going to take a right. When approaching StarCups, you are going to take a right through the tunnel. Once through the tunnel stay along the path for 30 blocks and head into the water. Keep swimming and pass by Pirate Bay. Continue swimming and Cruiseship will be seen in the distance. Climb to ladder and make your way to the top of the ship.

Spleef World Cup Edit

Because of it being released during SpleefLeague 2.0. It is unknown whether Cruiseship is going to be used. It is said to have high lag rates and traveling along the water is said to be annoying.

Trivia Edit

  • Cruiseship is full of easter eggs as well as hotel rooms for members of SpleefLeague
  • There is parkour which uses slime blocks to finish.

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