F.A.Q. for Rookies Edit

  • What's SWC?
    • SWC is the Spleef World Cup and it happens every year. More info found here
  • When does the SWC start?
    • Qualifying rounds start the 19th of February (Friday)
  • Is Super Jump apart of the SWC?
    • No.
  • What do I do?
    • Explore the server and also do /s and /sj
  • How do I find arenas?
    • Walk around the map and find them on the server
  • How do I know my rank?
    • do /stats
  • Where can I find the toplist?
  • What do I do?
    • You can spleef (/spleef) or super jump (/sj)
  • How do I win a game of Spleef
    • First player to 5 wins
  • How do I challenge?
    • /s challenge <arena> <name>
  • How many players qualify for SWC?
    • Block 1 = 126
    • Block 2 = 126
    • Golden Tickets = 4
    • Total: 256
  • What are Golden Tickets?
    • Golden Tickets are for special events that let you bypass Qualifying stages.
  • There is an islander what do I do?
    • /reset if he/she doesn't follow than /ticket for a staff
  • How can I get a Mods attention?
    • Do /ticket
  • There's a hacker, what do I do?
    • Record evidence and give it to a Staff member or /ticket a Staff member
  • What rank are you?
    • Mods and Sr. Mods have a light red name
    • Council/ Admin have a dark red name
    • Developers have a blue name
    • Special have a pink name
    • All Members have yellow names
    • Builders have green names
  • I'm banned, what do I do?
    • Go onto and make a ban appeal
  • I want to be a staff, what do I do?
    • Staff are currently only for players who have been apart of SL 1.0 and MultiCube. They will be open for others later on

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