Jasco is a SpleefLeague Spleefer and Moderator and has been a part of the community since 2012. He is a native from USA and was a competitor of Spleef World Cup I, II, III and IV.

History and Appearance Edit

Jasco takes the appearance of a blue sheep. He wears a white t-shirt in which either has a very deep v neck or is a tie in some sort of way. He has black eyes and also wears a brown belt with a golden buckle. His pants are black and he has hooves instead of hands. He also wears a blue and white scarf.

SpleefLeague Era Edit

With a lot of turmoil Jasco was still favored by a lot of people. He even got himself a position as a Moderator on the server but his rank was later removed. He competed in the Spleef World Cup IV and lost his 2 matches within 5 games. While being Moderator, he also served his time as the Tournament Organizer, but resigned in late 2016.

Awards & Recognitions Edit

  • Participant of Spleef World Cup I
  • Participant of Spleef World Cup II
  • Participant of Spleef World Cup III
  • Participant of Spleef World Cup IV
  • Ex-Moderator on SpleefLeague