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Welcome to SpleefLeague! A Spleef and SuperJump Minecraft server that provides you with the most intense and fun way of competing. Home of the Spleef World Cup, an annual tournament that showcases the best spleefers competing to win it all. This is currently our 4th year of hosting it (2012, 2013, 2014, 2016). More News and Info are posted below.

Rising like a Phoenix02:05

Rising like a Phoenix

Every year, SpleefLeague has hosted the Spleef World Cup A tournament that allows all players to participate and compete in the game of spleef. A qualifying, round robin and double elimination tournament style, brings all the best players to a chance of becoming a champion. If you want to read more about Spleef World Cup you can check it out here.

Instead of playing Spleef you can also try SuperJump. SuperJump is a 1v1 parkour course timed to see who get get to the finishing platform the quickest. Make sure not to fall! Sadly there is no tournament, like Spleef World Cup, designed for SuperJump.

SpleefLeague Wiki has been revised, revamped and is currently under the administration by Brcarpy95 (Carpy). If you have any records or info to submit, message him on the SpleefLeague forums.

News and Info

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