Onespoone is a SpleefLeague Spleefer and Administrator and has been a part of the community since 2015. He is a native from Sweden and was a competitor of Spleef World Cup IV.

History and Appearance Edit

Onespoone takes the appearance of a male human being with brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a gray shirt with a green vest over it while holding a quiver on the back of him.

MultiCube Era Edit

Onespoone joined MultiCube in 2014 and made tons of friends while there. He applied for Helper in April and got accepted soon after. He continued to work for Moderator and soon was promoted to Moderator a month later. After the closure of MultiCube, he soon led himself over to SpleefLeague.

SpleefLeague Era Edit

Spoone joined SpleefLeague and soon joined the staff team as a Moderator. Through the struggles of SpleefLeauge, he soon stepped up and became an Administrator and held the server from breaking down. Onespoone also qualified for Spleef World Cup IV and lost in the group stages.

Awards & Recognitions Edit

  • Helper on MultiCube
  • Moderator on MultiCube
  • Moderator on SpleefLeague
  • Administrator on SpleefLeague
  • Participant of Spleef World Cup IV

Fast Facts Edit

  • Has a major interest in gaming
    • Games include: Minecraft, CS:GO, Fifa and Dying Light
  • He plays football (soccer) for Enskede
  • His username comes from his football team. "En" meaning one and "sked" meaning spoon. Since his team has an e at the end, so does his username.

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