SucroDaddy is a SpleefLeague Moderator and has been a part of the community since 2012. He is a native from Russia and was a competitor of Spleef World Cup II III and IV.

History and Appearance Edit

SucroDaddy takes the appearance of a detailed Steve skin. Instead of the common look of Steve, he instead wears a red shirt and a brown belt with a gold buckle. He has braces on his arms and has hazel eyes instead of blue.

MultiCube Era Edit

SpleefLeague Era Edit

SucroDaddy returned to SpleefLeague, competing in the Spleef World Cup IV.

Awards & Recognitions Edit

  • Participant of Spleef World Cup II
  • Participant of Spleef World Cup III
  • Participant of Spleef World Cup IV

Fast Facts Edit

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